2016 shears industry full of difficult and hope
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Manufacturing under the economic crisis hit in stoppage before the line, the machine tool industry profit to survive, Where immediate answer although different opinions, but there is a more clear and definite conclusion:? Self-improvement through innovation, so as to promote manufacturing escalating changeOn behalf of a new birth.
From a certain perspective, the phone to save the 2014 metal-cutting machine tool industry, so many factories in the industry looking to the dawn of the dawn.
In 2014, under the guidance of the banner of the Apple phone 6, millet, Huawei, Meizu, Samsung and other handset manufacturers selling new phones are metal frame. Under the guidance of feelings, crafted metal frame directly enhance the cell phone of force, by the trend of people
Favorite. The main machine manufacture metal frame - drilling center of the surge in demand, the average monthly demand of up to million units. Each calculated according to the average price of 300,000 yuan, the market demand in the field of drilling and tapping only 2014 had 36 billion yuan, while the domestic machine tool year total sales
But 200 billion yuan. By the impact of the mobile phone industry, laptop, rechargeable batteries and other consumer electronics products are also popular metal, bring drilling center, high-ray machine orders increment is also very impressive.
Japan FANUC and brothers get most of the orders, the remaining orders to make a lot of domestic manufacturers processing center spent the night.
Next year drilling center can maintain such heat it? To be sure, no. First, the market is already close to full saturation grid, Dongguan, Suzhou and other places a number of large-scale collapse of mobile phone parts manufacturers for this assertion made endorsement Second, because of consumer electronics products
Yet the wind is changing rapidly, with a style of popular cycle is very short, popular factor next year is what kind of party thing, who can not predict, but it will not be specified for a year already popular metal frame.
Phone thermally induced drilling center boom brings us inspiration machine tool industry has much to offer, deep industry demand, ahead of the layout, muffled development, machine tool industry to do a stealth champion is also a hero.
Ride Industry 4.0 concept, intended to join the robot phoenix
German academia and industry that the next 10 years, based on the information of the physical system (Cyber-PhysicalSystem, abbreviated as CPS) intelligent, mankind will walk to the intelligent manufacturing dominated the fourth industrial revolution. Core "Industry 4.0" strategy on
Is to realize who the real-time communication equipment and products through the CPS network, mutual recognition and effective communication in order to build a highly flexible and personalized digital intelligent manufacturing mode.
Industry 4.0 is the machine tool industry, listed companies are straw, combat losses, the stock market for help, by the end of 14 years, with the stock market rebounded strongly and Industry 4.0 concepts, on the verge of collapse machine listed companies who have a ride Industry 4.0 concept, a lot of time to win
Investment funds, to cover up poor market performance.
Industry 4.0 emphasizes personalized production and rapid response, large-scale production mode this machine giants and currently used by the two systems completely. How, bloated bureaucracy is possible to achieve a highly flexible and personalized product? Industry 4.0 instead
It SMEs against powerful armed giant trusts.
Industry 4.0 is a vision, machine tool industry can save the current thirst is actually a robot industry. 2013 market sales of robots nearly 37,000 units, up 60%, accounting for about one-fifth of global sales, the world's largest robot market. Of 2014

Robot sales and record sales of 50,000 units high.
And industrial robots marriage or robot mounted on the machine, nothing more than a strong Pills. In fact, the integration of robots or robotic automated cutting production lines, has become more than the company's market tackling machine tool, created by the profits away
Ultra Universal machine product profitability, the actual effect of the client application makes admiration.
Some companies shouting slogans through robot concept blog host, with the story of the robot hoodwinked investors can only pass as a joke.
Intensified price war
Good prices when prices together, the full price market downturn, most people commented on the machine tool industry is ugly phenomenon.
Year brutal price war lathe smoke has not completely scattered, vertical machining center has become the new battleground for a price war. Shenyang Machine Tool has just 189 800 850 ruijie milling kill legislation plus many plant their feet, Dalian Machine Tool is used 158 000 850 Vertical
Machining center price spike once again created a world record for the lowest price.
Two giant machine tip-to-head showdown cheap pinnacle winner in defeat, the market has yet to decide. However, self-injury eight hundred thousand kills, destroyed not only their own profit, but also destroyed the machine tool industry has long been an unhealthy environment. Dignified top 10
Machine tool company, won the big move the market still rely on price cuts?
Enterprises first price reduction, under the pressure on the stock, other manufacturers also have to take the risk. Today's price war, has fully spread to all segments of the machine tool industry. Flat bed CNC lathe price confirms the old saying, do not only lower the minimum, City
Appeared in court the 18800 and 28800 CNC lathes line rail flat bed CNC lathes, floor price of no meager profits, cut corners of the giant, the discerning eye can see it tremble with fear. Slant bed CNC lathe has also entered the field of price war, oblique 100,000 within
Bed lathes are not isolated cases, but actually good quality. High-end gantry machining centers, horizontal machining centers, invariably appeared civilians cheap products.
2016 machine tool industry is bound to be a difficult but promising year, the economic crisis hit manufacturing under the line before the stoppage, meager profit to survive the machine tool industry, go? Answer now though different opinions, but there is a clearer argument and
Clear: self-improvement through innovation, so as to promote the gradual upgrading of the manufacturing sector to give new life, the machine tool industry in order to obtain eternal life.