2016 machine industry is expected to grow by 10%
DELIVERY TIME:2016-10-12 VIEWS:1132
"In 2010 China's machine tool industry growth rate is still up to 10%, while the upgrade is still the key to the next round of machine-tool industry competition in the market." This is the China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president of Satisfying development of the industry this year forecast Shears machines, bending machines, coiling machine, open-book school-shear line.
"We have a basis in the past several years, also has a strong ability to adapt to the market, is expected to not be too bad this year, the main objective of the environmental conditions are guaranteed, after a year of effort, will make the machine tool industry to achieve the consolidation of increase, possibly to maintain growth of about 10%; of course, that must continue to make great efforts in the industrial structure, product structure adjustment "Satisfying the prospects for the industry in 2010 with confidence.
He said that in early December 2009 meeting of the Central Economic Work Conference, will continue to maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies, to enhance the economic development of endogenous motivation, a package of measures to stimulate the economy will not weaken the intensity. Meanwhile, the state of the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, especially the emphasis on the CNC machine tool industry and give preferential policies very encouraging. The continuation of the construction and promotion of national key projects, such as high-speed railway, new energy, defense and other areas of the facility, to the machine tool industry will bring new markets. These are no doubt will be the Chinese machine tool industry in 2010 a major positive.
Satisfying but also pointed out that in 2010, there are still many negative factors.
International environment is difficult to quickly improve, and may even take two or three years to realize the full recovery of the international market will be a lengthy process, so the export-oriented manufacturing enterprises still have significant growth in the demand for machine tools Shears , bending machines, coiling machine, open-book school-shear line.
Meanwhile, the Chinese market is thriving, and both major multinational as the Chinese market in 2010 the first goal, the next competition will become more intense, and the market demand will not change much, to keep the industry continues to grow they must compete for market share with these multinationals.
In addition, there are many other negative factors, such as low-carbon economy will also bring some constraints on the machine tool industry, in particular, it will affect the middle and low demand for machine tools.
"From 2010 to the 'second five' period, China's machine tool industry to achieve bigger and stronger, gain the initiative in the post-crisis era, there are a lot of work to do. Affect the industry must focus more effort bottlenecks, guided by the market, plus great efforts to improve the capability of independent innovation, and actively adjust the industrial structure and product mix, which is what we call 'mentioning two tone'. "mention innovation, Satisfying finally stressed that all aspects of information analysis, the domestic machine tool market situation has emerged bottom rebound, the market for the future, although there are many uncertain factors, but more companies are on the 2010 machine tool market confidence 
According to 2009 statistics, the market for ordinary, low-grade CNC machine tools Demand has shrunk dramatically, large heavy-duty and high-end CNC machine tools to maintain stable demand. The structure has also been imported machine tools to high-end and large changes from 2009 imported machine tools Unit can be seen this trend. 2009 January to September, the average unit price of imported machine was $ 89,000, an increase of 11% over the same period last year. It can be speculated, China's machine tool products will be high-end products and the transition to international standards for cutting in line.
Satisfying therefore believes that speed up transformation and upgrading of enterprises has become an important measure to address the financial crisis, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, businesses and what strategies for survival and development is very important. Therefore, competition in the market after the crisis will be competitive soft power, economic recovery may also need to complete a relatively long period of time, during this period, companies should continue to increase product innovation, transformation and upgrading of products do a good job, for the upcoming new opportunities to make adequate preparations shears, bending machines, coiling machine, etc