Foreign investment situation and policy analysis OF Chinese machine industry
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Chinese Foreign manufacturing investment in the growth stage, the most typical sign of the machine tool industry, foreign investment, probably for the period 2004 and 2006, took place in Europe and other countries outside the machine more than 10 cases of the acquisition was to become the focus of foreign investment
First, the status and trends of China's foreign investment
Status: The scale of China's foreign investment has expanded rapidly increasingly diverse investment
By the end of 2010, total foreign direct investment more than 258.8 billion US dollars, the number of foreign enterprises reached 16,000, the distribution area of 177 countries and regions, with total assets of foreign companies have more than $ 1 trillion.
In recent years, Chinese enterprises with foreign investment began to expand from the traditional "green investment" to cross-border mergers and acquisitions and other means. Rapid increase in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Concentrated in resources, automotive, finance, telecommunications, household appliances, textiles and other fields. 2010 size has reached $ 23.8 billion, accounting for 40.3% over the same period.
China's foreign investment and cooperation after nearly 10 years of development, promote Chinese enterprises "going out" strategy, and significantly enhance the ability of multinational enterprises, the formation of a number of specialized, intensive and large-scale companies. In 2009, 43 Chinese enterprises to enter the "Fortune" Global 500 in 2010, 54 companies selected.
Trends: China's foreign investment will maintain growth shears, bending machines, coiling machine, open-book school level shear line
Since 2010, the slow recovery of the world economy, international direct investment has resumed growth. Accordance with the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" In our analysis, "five-second" period to the "five-second" end, China's foreign investment into the accelerated period of growth, foreign investment will maintain growth. China's foreign investment industry and regional structure remained, manufacturing enterprises will accelerate foreign investment. The enthusiasm of Chinese private enterprises overseas investment is increasing, the level of transnational business enterprise and corporate image will be significantly improved.
Second, China's machine tool industry, foreign investment profiles
China's machine tool industry, overseas mergers and acquisitions started earlier. Since 2002 (end of 2009), Beijing First Machine Tool Factory and other 10 domestic machine tool companies have in Germany, the United States had been 14 cases of overseas mergers and acquisitions or equity participation. Total foreign investment of $ 160 million, the regional distribution mainly European and American countries.
China's machine tool enterprises in overseas mergers and acquisitions business, mostly focusing on good local integration, to achieve mutual benefit and common development.
Third, China's foreign investment policy
Management: in 2009 promulgated the "offshore investment management approach" to simplify procedures, delegated approval authority, the vast majority of foreign investment matters approved by the provincial commerce department. Because this information system well, networked, Internet handle, each year more than 3,000 projects in 90% approved by the provincial commerce department, the Ministry of Commerce approval. Usually three days will be able to prescribe approved more than $ 100 million project specified 15 days. Mining resources belong to the class of the project by the Development and Reform Commission for approval.
Boot: the 2009 release "Foreign Investment and Cooperation Country Guide", covering 165 countries and regions, foreign investment in the country publish industry-oriented catalog. Issued CD introduced the investment environment for cooperation in the world 165 countries and regions, for enterprises to develop overseas investment cooperation should be given prompt attention to the problem.
Promotion: through the organization of various forms of fairs, trade fairs, etc., in order to provide a platform for overseas investment cooperation, the establishment of overseas investment Country Environmental library, foreign investment projects and foreign intermediaries library database regularly organize promotion mission to the countries concerned.
External consultations aspects: the establishment of bilateral and multilateral trade mechanism or mechanisms for investment promotion, signing of 130 bilateral investment promotion and protection agreements 91 avoidance of double taxation.
Training of personnel: development of "transnational management training program", compiled a series of foreign investment and cooperation training materials for business executives to do a lot of different levels of training. Organized four training courses for business people 400 people shears, bending machines, coiling machine, open-book school-shear line.
Based on the above situation, the experts give some suggestions, it is necessary according to their own development needs, develop a clear international strategy and avoid blind investment and expansion. Second, we must pay attention to social responsibility, efforts to integrate into the local community, with the host country to achieve mutual benefit and common development. Libya evacuation took place shortly before the event, China has 300 million people, there are many projects out there. Political unrest in Libya, due to the good relationship between our office, he would protect you, help you go further voluntary looked equipment, but also to help in the top job. If relations are not very good, not only to protect, but also rob you. Third, we should carefully research, careful assessment, focusing on risk prevention shears.