Lower carbon emissions, China's machine industry or can avoid
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Bending machines, coiling machine, shear production line of carbon emissions is a big lie, it is strangling the West represented by China's emerging power, in order to maintain a world dominated by the West means the pattern of it, just to leave the name of environmental protection.
Said industrial emissions of "carbon" contribute to global warming, this statement has not been confirmed by the mainstream scientific institutions. In the history of the Earth, temperatures are now higher than when there is, the lower temperature than it is now when there are, in fact, the earth's temperature is always at
Among the changes, the Arctic is not always snow in the world today where the change from human impact is minimal, the main reason is due to solar activity, which is the mainstream of scientific research institutions.
So why at this time the US-led Western throw "carbon emissions" this concept?
First, the world is about to change the pattern of recent years, the Chinese economy to the world's attention with the speed of development, even by the United States triggered by the financial tsunami, also failed to make the Chinese economy this high-speed train stop; Moreover, the financial crisis raging
2008-2016, China but in many ways showed incredible vitality, DGP total close to the Japanese or surpass Japan to become the world's second largest economy.
In economic life, the Chinese products, such as the flood swept the world, so overwhelmed the traditional world economic power, increase in unemployment is inevitable. By the free economy and globalization advocated by the Western world, but increasingly make their own embarrassment, opposition
Free economy, against globalization, is tantamount to fight one mouth. However, if let this situation continue, the world situation is bound to a significant change in bending machines, coiling machine, open-book school-shear line. How can the Western world Ganxiu good strike.
The United States is the world's developed rules of the game master, to have the strength to use the rules of the game settle newcomers. Japan is the United States by the wayside, when the United States and its European allies, forcing the appreciation of the yen, since Japan has experienced 20 years of economic stagnation, not far out of the quagmire.
Today, it uses the same technique on the one hand forcing the RMB appreciation, on the other hand vigorously trade protection, in order to suppress the development of China, "carbon" is lore.
Second, to curb carbon emissions is a Chinese sword in addition to forcing the RMB appreciation and trade protectionism outside the United States is the most powerful resorted to a "carbon emissions" this sword.
The United States is indeed the overlord of the world, "carbon emissions" This move to the world of little brothers are pre-loaded, China will both know this is a trap, had to react, because if you do not react, it would be irresponsible to say Chinese let the world environmental degradation; if Take That
, Then the United States is the big winner, because the first emissions trading is settled in US dollars, so the United States has firmly kidnapped countries and economies around the world, making the dollar more consolidation; second, the United States and Western countries can take the opportunity to sale of emission reduction technology to developing countries
Surgery; Third, China's export commodities have to pay a carbon tax row, the West boon, while China and other developing countries as they work to become coolies, as they draw to "carbon emissions" from your export commodities in the name of "protection money." Visible "carbon emissions"
What a clever, subtle and underhanded; and in "carbon emissions", China and other developing countries will be "carbon emissions" press was gradually weak, still can not escape the fate of the United States little brother, bending machines .
China's machine tool industry is relatively lucky, because China's machine tool industry is not export-dominated industry, China's domestic demand is large enough, long enough, it will determine China's machine tool industry, there is still much room for development, need to "carbon emissions "and do suffer
force. Moreover, the Chinese market demand for machine tools for the global machine tool industry has brought momentum, China needs a long period of time as driving the development of the global machine tool industry, the main driving forces, which included the United States and other Western countries. But one thing I
Also very worried, the whole of China are "carbon emissions" of the victim, the machine tool industry, how can an exception? Nest, no eggs will survive