Jiangsu long heavy heavy machine tool co., LTD. (former nantong magnified metalforming machine tool co., LTD.) take the market as the guidance, through continuous pursuit of continuous innovation, product and technology, for the society to provide professional and comprehensive machine tool equipment and technical support; Provide employees with material and spiritual two aspects we meet sharing platform, through the implementation of self-worth get rich material rewards at the same time, realizing the maximization of customer and employee value. The vitality of enterprises is the focus and the pursuit of perfection.

Strategic thinking

Focus on the hydraulic machine, shearing machine, bending machine, roll machine, punching machine, open-book leveling lines of research and development production, heavy machine tool of professional service providers and manufacturers.

Strategic positioning

Marketization, specialization and humanization, informationization, internationalization.

The brand strategy

To building brand by quality service reputation. International heavy machine tool equipment to create a first-class brand.

Management strategy

Dedicated, professional and specialization; Change, refined and far. Whole.

Product development
Strategic positioning

Market-oriented, depth of research and development, the fine manufacture, intelligent information, environmental safety, humanized operation, the leading product design and the overall scheme, only do the most professional.

Market strategy

The best quality + best service.

The enterprise tenet

Loyal responsibility team, open fair and transparent.

The core competitiveness

Focused on the core product, keep leading core technology, strongest system integration ability. Focus on developing core products, attaches great importance to intellectual property rights.